Move to our FREE top-rated EHR platform!

One Touch EMR is designed to be so simple and intuitive that you can use it right out of the box, and Practice Fusion customers are now looking for our top-rated FREE EHR alternative that is designed by a physician!

    Practice Fusion has been sold to another company, and will no longer be free to customers, but OneTouch EMR is a top-rated FREE EHR, and will remain free so you can feel comfortable to migrate from Practice Fusion to our FREE EHR platform today!

    Migration of your records to OneTouch EMR from Practicefusion is easy, and we are happy to assist you with importing your data at no cost to you. You can contact our support department by phone at 1-800-41-TOUCH extension 2, or email at [email protected] or visit this page for more options.

    We are able to import all the PracticeFusion data (demographics, medical data, scheduling, progress notes, & documents/images) if you request a full data extraction of your health records from their Customer Service team. For more information, visit https://knowledgebase.practicefusion.com/knowledgebase/articles/482840-can-practice-fusion-export-all-of-my-patient-data. Once you have the email from Practice Fusion for the full data export, kindly forward that to us (it has a Google Drive link) along with the special password they provide to extract the files (you do NOT need to first download the files and try to re-upload them to us).

    You can also export most of the data yourself without having to contact them. We recommend you do BOTH of these data export options:
  • 1) Export CCD records (which include medical data) See more information here: https://knowledgebase.practicefusion.com/knowledgebase/articles/887640-what-is-data-portability [NOTE: if using Safari browser for this task, switch to Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser because of a download bug];
  • 2) Export Demographics (CSV file) See more information here: https://knowledgebase.practicefusion.com/knowledgebase/articles/482825-how-do-i-export-patient-demographics-from-practice.

    These 2 options above will give us everything except Progress Notes, Schedule, and Documents/Images. Once you receive the full data extraction from Practice Fusion, it will include these things and we can upload those into your account at that time.

    You can securely upload data directly to us from within your account under Administration -> General -> Setup -> Import Data or send it to our support team at [email protected] using BOX.COM (which is HIPAA compliant) for expedited processing.


    Q: How do I Register and login?
    A: After you sign up for free (see link at top of this page), you'll get an activation email with your credentials. If you somehow do not get your activation email, check your SPAM/Bulk Mail folder, or reach out to our support department for further assistance.

    Q: What data can you import from Practice Fusion?
    A: We can import all of the data from Practice Fusion if you submit a request for a full data extraction from them and upload it to us. This includes: patient demographics, scheduling, progress notes, medical data, images & documents. See more details in the above information.

    Q: How do I setup additional users in the system?
    A: Login as the Practice Administrator and go to Administration -> Users -> User Accounts -> Add New

    Q: How do I activate my user role as doctor/physician?
    A: Login as the Practice Administrator, and go to Administration -> Users -> User Accounts -> Add New, or go to the already created test Provider role profile called "Test House" and modify/change the information as appropriate and Save it.

    Q: How do I learn how to use the system or get training?
    A: There are tutorial videos available within the system by going under Help -> Tutorial. Or you can contact us for more formal training options such as personal on-site or online training.

    Q: How do I setup e-Prescribing?
    A: When logged in as Practice Administrator, go to Administration -> General -> Setup. Choose the "Setup e-Prescribing" option and input all details and click the Register button. This will start the process and we will get back to you on how to provide additional verification documents such as a loan document, utility bill if necessary.

    Q: How do I setup e-Labs or Imaging Interfaces?
    A: When logged in as Practice Administrator, go to Administration -> General -> Setup. Choose the "e-Labs & Imaging" option and follow the steps to begin the process.

    Q: Do you have billing software or can you interface with others like PracticeFusion?
    A: Yes, we recommend and offer our own affordable PM/Billing software which includes Clearinghouse and customizations, but if you prefer to stay on your current billing platform, we can interface with other billing systems (such as Kareo).
    Additionally, we also offer affordable Revenue Cycle Managment (RCM) services if you wish to let us handle all your billing collection needs. Our collection percentages are among the highest in the industry! Contact us to learn more.

    Q: Do you offer phone support?
    Q: Yes, we do offer our customers email, chat and phone support. For our free plan, phone support is considered an add-on and can be added to your plan for a small monthly fee. Contact us to learn more.